GLUETEC Greußenheim

Integrated adhesive solutions - technology competence in bonding and sealing.

GLUETEC Industrieklebstoffe GmbH & Co. KG headquartered in the Franconian Greußenheim is one of the leading suppliers for special adhesives and sealants on the European market. Tailor-made products are sold as own brands and as individual private label solutions. In the subsidiaries Germany, Poland and Slovenia 75 employees realize over 100 adhesives systems and over 50 aerosols. As full service supplier of adhesives, sealants and aerosols the GLUETEC GROUP generates 15 million € annual turnover.

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In the course of further development of the company, a network with subsidiaries and partner companies in Europe was created, which offers extensively innovative adhesive technology solutions. In order to generate sustainable growth, GLUETEC continuously invests in the development, production and distribution of adhesives as well as in excellently trained staff.
GLUETEC scores with an approved product portfolio, developed specifically for customer applications, as well as with fast, attractive solutions along the value added chain.

GLUETEC scores with an approved product portfolio, developed specifically for customer applications, as well as with fast, attractive solutions by integrating the value creation in the own house. GLUETEC products are used in various industries and craft businesses - from the production up to reparation and maintenance.

GLUETEC focusses on the market of two-component MMA adhesives and offers products of this adhesive class under the brands WELDYX and WIKO Multi Power. Under the brand name WIKO, GLUETEC offers an extensive product line of one-component and two-component adhesives and sealants, as for example cyanoacrylate -, acrylate -, epoxy -, polyurethane -, silicone-, MS-Polymers - and UV-adhesives. Since 2018 the GLUETEC GROUP has also developed Polyurethane adhesives. Technical sprays, pastes, tapes and suitable accessories complete the portfolio. Appropriate packaging solutions are another business segment.

The basis for all action is thinking in holistic adhesive solutions: adhesives and contract bottling coupled with packaging technology, product design and packing. The three competences adhesive, innovation and service are strategically interlinked at GLUETEC - in doing so, the company positions itself as THE supplier for integrated adhesive solutions. Exactly these individual adhesive solutions are developed internally in cross-party teamwork and external in close co-operation with customers and specialized partners. This unique combination of the competences differentiates GLUETEC strongly from the relevant competitors:

Mature brand portfolio and decades of product expertise in all application areas of industrial adhesives.

Proven innovative power and intelligent solutions for current and future challenges of the customers.

Own service area at GLUETEC, which assists the customers in private label solutions with design and packaging expertise.

The connection of these three sources of power in a lightweight, flexible structure with international orientation is expected to lead to significant growth in the coming years — by a higher penetration of current business areas as well as the development of new areas of application.