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WIKO PIPE THREAD SEAL 06K20R is a high-strength product and fastens and seals threaded... more

WIKO PIPE THREAD SEAL 06K20R is a high-strength product and fastens and seals threaded connections vibration-, corrosion- and temperature-resistant against common media with highest strength. The product is particularly suitable for passive materials and for applications where maximum resistance to hot oil is required. It is also suitable for fixing bearings, bushings and sleeves in the as-delivered condition without cleaning, e.g. ball bearings, oil-impregnated sintered bronze bushings. WIKO 06K20R seals all kinds of joints and offers a high resistance during disassembly. The product is characterized by an increased oil compatibility.

The product curing (polymerisation) is carried out under the exclusion of atmospheric oxygen (anaerobic) and the catalytic action oft he metal (metal contact). 


  • Vibration, corrosion and temperature resistance to common industrial media
  • Max. gap filling ability: 0,2 mm
  • Tangible after approx. 5 - 10 minutes
  • Temperature resistance: -50 °C to +200 °C
Product features
Type: Adhesive
Substrates: Metals
Temperature Resistance (°C): Up to 200
Shelf Life: 12 months
Adhesive Gap: Gap-bridging
Consistency: Water resistant, Acid resitant, UV-resistant, Oil resistant, Solvent resistant
Processing Time: Slow (>15 min)
Labelling of hazardous substances: Low
Adhesive Surface: Area
User: Private Consumers, Professional Users/Qualified Users