25 Years Wiko


MSPSO.K290 310 ml Cartridge P.U. 12

Please follow the instructions and notes in the safety data sheets and technical data sheets.

The WIKO MS POLYMER SPRAYABLE OCHRE can be used multifunctional in industrial and craft... more

The WIKO MS POLYMER SPRAYABLE OCHRE can be used multifunctional in industrial and craft vehicle / body construction, in the marine sector, in ventilation, air conditioning and electrical engineering as well as in apparatus engineering. WIKO MS POLYMER SPRAYABLE is also used in metal / sheet processing as well as in many areas of plastics technology. Low volume shrinkage, no blistering and odor neutrality characterize the universal, elastic and moisture-curing adhesive and sealant. The adhesive and sealant can be painted wet on wet. Elastic adhesive and sealant for seam sealing and assembly.


  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Permanently elastic
  • Free from isocyanates, solvents and silicones
  •  Thin-layer sealing
  • High temperature resistance
  • Wide range of adhesion even without primer
  • Good stability
  • Absorbs acoustic and mechanical vibrations
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Weatherproof
Product features
Type: Adhesive, Sealant
Configurability: not configurable
Substrates: Wood, Rubber / Elastomers, Metals, Plastics, Stone, Composite / GFK
Adhesive Gap: Gap-bridging
Consistency: Water resistant, UV-resistant
Processing Time: Medium (5-15 min)
Labelling of hazardous substances: Without
Adhesive Surface: Selective, Small, Area
User: Private Consumers, Professional Users/Qualified Users
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