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NEW: Easy and precise dosing with the Swift Line accordion bottle 50 ml

New packaging solution for anaerobes from GLUETEC.

From March 2022, the new accordion bottle 50 ml will be available from GLUETEC. In contrast to the previous model, especially the design and handling has been improved.

The new Swift Line accordion bottle 50 ml consists of a white bottle body with transparent bellows and the new Swift Line Cap with transparent and continuously adjustable outlet incl. closure seal.

Thanks to the new angular shape, this accordion bottle has a much better grip in the hand. Neutral colors such as pure white and transparent were chosen for the new design. This makes it perfect for the private label sector and easy to adapt to the customer's corporate design. The soft, transparent bellows allows not only the visibility of the product color but also the exact fill level indication. In contrast to bottles commonly used on the market, the new concertina bottle can be emptied almost completely - this means up to 20% more adhesive usage and not a drop is wasted.

The new Swift Line Cap impresses with its ease of use. By turning it continuously, the outflow quantity can be easily regulated and precisely metered:

  • Application with low-viscosity adhesives: Adjust the dispensing quantity by turning the Swift Line Cap.
  • Application with high viscosity adhesives: Regulate dispensing quantity by applying more or less pressure on the bellows.

The cap seal also signals that a bottle is intact or has been broken. It must be removed during the first application.
Starting with the in-house WIKO brand, all anaerobic adhesives will be converted to the new Swift Line system. From now on, all anaerobic adhesives, such as WIKO threadlockers, are available in this new bottle. Further new Swift Line bottles, in different sizes and for other adhesive types such as cyanoacrylates (instant adhesives,) are already being planned and will follow shortly.

Interest aroused? We will be pleased to send you a product sample without obligation. Simply contact your customer consultant: info.de@gluetec-group.com, Tel. +49 9369 9836-0.

Download Swift Line Flyer

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