Especially in the present time, frequent hand washing leads to skin irritation and dry skin. We contribute to the protection of our users and water bodies and present you today the new WIKO HANDWASHING PASTE with improved formula. The new WIKO HANDWASHING PASTE USER FRIENDLY without microplastics is label-free and convinces with excellent cleaning performance! This environmentally and user-friendly hand cleaner is suitable for use in workshops, body shops, industry and also in the DIY sector.


  • Powerful and especially mild hand cleaner
  • Removes oil, grease, bitumen, ink and other stubborn stains
  • Application with and without water possible
  • Forms a cleaning-active foam when used Marking-free
  • pH-neutral and free from solvents
  • Without microplastics: vegetable abrasives from olive stones


Technical properties:

  • Form: viscose gel paste
  • Colour: beige
  • Odour: orange
  • pH-value at +20 °C: approx. 7
  • Density g/ml: approx. 0,9 at +20 °C

*Density measured according to DIN 53217, part 2 density sphere model 475/III


Due to the combination of skin-friendly raw materials with soft abrasives made of olive stones, this hand washing paste is very mild and suitable for daily use. When using the hand cleanser, a cleansing active foam is produced which leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin. WIKO HANDWASHING PASTE USER FRIENDLY can be applied on dry and wet hands compared to other hand cleaners. Matching the refillable 3 liter plastic pump bottle, a wall mount made of chrome-plated metal is also available for the new product.

Try the new WIKO HANDWASHING PASTE USER FRIENDLY now! Our customer advisors will be happy to answer any further questions you may have by calling +49 9369 9836-0.