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Back in stock: WELDYX® Multi Craft 2

Fast, easy and high-strength.

WELDYX® Multi Craft 2 is particularly suitable for fast applications that require high strength. These include, for example, series production and on-site repairs on wind turbines.

WELDYX® Multi Craft 2 is a methacrylate structural adhesive used for joining metals, plastics and composites. It enables high-strength, structural and at the same time flexible, durable bonded joints. Its fast processing time of just 2 minutes is impressive, and it is used wherever fast bonding is required. The WELDYX® Multi Craft 2 is also used in the mass assembly of small parts. Its short finishing time ensures cost- and time-efficient productivity.

Due to its high quality, it is specially designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of industrial applications. The use of primers is not necessary for bonding aluminium and stainless steel. Its flexibility also allows materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion to be structurally bonded. Compared to conventional MMA adhesives, WELDYX® Multi Craft 2 scores with exceptionally low shrinkage behaviour, as well as thermal, chemical and climatic stability.

With three container sizes, integrated into an optimal system of cartridge, gun and mixer, we offer a comprehensive, individual solution:

  • 50 ml cartridge
  • 250 ml cartridge
  • 490 ml cartridge



  • Industrial adhesive used for joining metals, plastics and composites
  • Working time is 2 min., therefore particularly suitable for repairs
  • Suitable for most automated industrial production processes
  • Temperature resistant between -40 °C and +120 °C
  • Increased elongation at break
  • Tensile shear strength up to 17 N/mm²
  • Color after curing: black


Dive into our world of high-performance methyl methacrylate adhesives here and see our brand WELDYX®

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