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BeesProject: 100,000 new hard-working employees at WIKO

September 2023

BeesProject: 100,000 new hard-working employees at WIKO

Buzz buzz buzz…There is news about the BeesProject at WIKO in Czestochowa, KSSE, Poland: In August, the first beehives with around 100,000 busy little bees moved into the WIKO flower meadow and have been diligently collecting honey ever since. A bee lives about 40 days and produces a teaspoon of honey in its entire life. It's buzzing around every corner.

As the first action of this project, a flower meadow for bees was planted at Wiko Klebetechnik in June. As a company that is aware of the importance and role of bees in our ecosystem, we want to actively contribute to the protection of bees and provide them with sufficient food through flowering meadows.

We would like to encourage you to also plant flower meadows for bees in the gardens of your companies. Let's save the bees together!


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