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BeesProject: Planting a flower meadow for bees

June 2023

BeesProject: Planting a flower meadow for bees

We are extremely pleased to announce our new BeesProject at WIKO in Czestochowa, KSSE, Poland.

As first initiative we planted a flower meadow for bees here at Wiko Klebetechnik. As a company aware of the importance and role of bees in our ecosystem, we want to take an active part in protecting them and providing them with adequate food.

Why sowing a flower meadow? Because beekeepers and environmental experts agree that flower meadows are extremely important for the survival of bees. The flowers provide them with nectar and pollen, which is their main source of food. Unfortunately, many green areas have been replaced by concrete and monotonous lawns, which limits the bees' access to food. Therefore, we decided to make our contribution and transform part of our area into a floral oasis for bees.

Why is this important? Bees play a key role in plant pollination, which affects our food and biodiversity. Without bees, many of our favorite fruits, vegetables and plants would not be able to thrive. By caring for the well-being of bees, we are also caring for our future and the health of the environment.

We are proud to make our contribution to bee conservation with our new BeesProject. We also encourage you to take similar action in your communities. Let´s save the bees!

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