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Did you know? Adhesives - as diverse as their applications

April 2024

In contrast to form-fit and force-fit connections such as screwing and material-fit connections with heat such as welding, the material properties of the substrates are retained and not damaged when bonding. This means that adhesives can be used to create more visually appealing and intricate joints. Adhesives not only bond materials, but also take on additional functions. They serve to transfer loads, provide vibration damping, sealing against liquids and gases, corrosion protection, thermal and electrical insulation or conductivity and even contribute to fire protection. In addition, they are usually lighter in weight and easier to process than other joining systems. Without adhesives, many products would not be as easy and cost-effective to produce as they are today.


Load transfer and bonding: 

The most obvious function of adhesives is to join materials together. Although screws, nails and bolts are also used for joining, adhesives offer the advantage of even load distribution and prevent potential weak points caused by holes or cracks in the materials. We recommend the WIKO MULTIPOWER range of adhesives for high-strength, structural bonding of composites, plastics and metals. WIKO REPAIR USER FRIENDLY repair adhesives are also the right choice for cosmetic bonding of a wide range of plastics and metals: these innovative 2-component polyurethanes create particularly strong bonds and are also very user-friendly and low-marking.


Vibration damping and isolation: 

Adhesives can help to reduce vibration and oscillation. In the automotive industry, for example, they are used to attach parts such as dashboards, door panels and insulation materials. This improves driving comfort and reduces noise in the interior. Our customers from the automotive and railroad industries therefore particularly value the properties of these products for their applications: WELDYX PLASTCOMET 5 & 20, WIKO SUPER GLUE 500 BLACK and WIKO ULTIMATE ELONGATION


Sealing and corrosion protection: 

Adhesives can be used to seal gaps, joints and gaps. This is particularly important in areas such as construction, automotive and shipbuilding. They protect against moisture, dust and other environmental influences. Special adhesives can reliably protect metal parts from corrosion by forming a protective layer and preventing the penetration of moisture. The products WIKO MS POLYMER KONSTRUKTION and WIKO EPOXY METAL MASTER are popular with our users in the marine, boat and yacht building sectors.


Connection and fire protection:

Fire protection is a decisive factor in many industrial applications, especially in areas such as construction, aviation, rail and the automotive industry: Adhesives with the appropriate fire protection certificate ensure that the adhesives used meet the strict requirements for fire resistance and smoke development. This is crucial to protect human life and minimize property damage. The WELDYX PROFESSIONAL 5 & 15 BLACK adhesives and all WELDYX MASTER adhesives meet these high requirements. These high-conductivity adhesives have been specially developed for structural bonding of metals, composites and plastics and have been adapted for rail, truck, marine and transportation applications. Thanks to testing in accordance with DIN EN 45545-2/R1 and compliance with the HAZARD LEVEL HL 3 fire protection level, they also meet the requirements for rail vehicles with a high hazard class.


Thermal and electrical insulation or conductivity: 

Special adhesives provide an insulation barrier between electrically conductive materials to prevent short circuits. They are also used in the electronics industry to hold components in place while providing electrical insulation. Some adhesives are electrically conductive and are used in the electronics industry for batteries, PCB assembly and other components. In view of the increasing demand for batteries for electric vehicles, GLUETEC's adhesive experts are currently researching innovative adhesive formulations with thermal conductivity for thermal and electrical engineering.


Veterinary adhesives:

In medicine, adhesives are used for wound closure, skin dressings and even for fixing implants. But adhesives are also used in veterinary medicine, e.g. for claw care in cattle to treat injured claws and thus contribute to greater animal welfare for our livestock. For these special requirements, GLUETEC has developed the patented BLOCK BOND® claw adhesives for cattle, which adhere particularly quickly and strongly even under the difficult working conditions in the barn.


Adhesives are therefore much more than just "glue" - they are versatile tools that influence our modern world in many ways! Discover our wide and deep range of industrial sealants and adhesives now, you are sure to find the right adhesive for your application: https://gluetec-group.com/en/products/industries-and-applications/

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