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Diisocyanates - what you need to consider from now on

The EU Commission has published Regulation 2020/1449 in the Official Journal of the European Union and amended Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation, which deals with the restriction of diisocyanates.

According to this, diisocyanates may not be used industrially or commercially after August 24, 2023, either as a substance or as a constituent in other substances and mixtures if their concentration, individually and in combination, is 0.1% or more by weight.

As soon as this limit is exceeded, all users must from now on successfully complete training on the safe use of diisocyanates before using the substance(s) or mixture(s). The restriction is intended to protect industrial and commercial users in particular from occupational illnesses (occupational asthma and dermatitis) and thus reduce the number of illnesses.

This does not apply to our two-component polyurethane adhesive BLOCK BOND®.We confirm that the concentration of diisocyanates in our product BLOCK BOND® individually and in combination is less than 0.1 percent by weight.  Additional training of your employees is not necessary. BLOCK BOND® is also free of potentially carcinogenic ingredients, as the isocyanates used are aliphatic.

All detailed information can be found in section 3 of our safety data sheet, which you can access at the following link: https://sumdat.net/cgctn2gw

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@gluetec-group.com and phone number +49 9369 9836-0.

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