WIKO Adhesive Competence Center

First adhesive training in the new WIKO ADHESIVE COMPETENCE CENTER

November 2023

The first adhesive training course was held at the newly established Competence Center at WIKO Klebetechnik, Poland.

Bartlomiej Wrobel, our trainer and adhesives expert, provided not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience in our laboratory to broaden professional horizons.

Thanks to this unique training, our participants had the opportunity to learn about different types of adhesives, their applications, how to avoid potential challenges when handling adhesives. Practical exercises allowed them to test their skills and gain new ones that they will certainly use at work.

Secure your place now for the adhesive training courses in 2024! Here are the new topics & dates:



  • 13.-14.05.2024
  • 10.-11.06.2024
  • 09.-10.09.2024
  • 18.-19.11.2024

Would you like to find out more about our adhesive training courses? Send us your enquiry to Mr Bartłomiej Wróbel: 0048789947411 or b.wrobel@gluetec-group.com.


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