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To mark the protective equipment, which is used for climbing and air rescue missions, with RFID chips, the mountain rescue service was looking for an adhesive that is particularly resistant to weathering, impact and shock. GLUETEC provided the high-performance adhesive WELDYX Master 5 for this purpose. 

"Safety is a top priority for us," says Julian Bruhn, a member of the Frammersbach mountain rescue team. The small RFID chips were attached to aluminium carabiners and abseiling equipment, among other things, with the high-strength industrial adhesive. In this way, all the necessary information about the equipment, such as allocation (region, emergency services), designation, commissioning, declaration of conformity, inspection records and date of discarding can be retrieved by a scanning device via software.

GLUETEC wishes the mountain rescue service safe operations on all sides!     


About the mountain rescue service Frammersbach: The area of operation of the Frammersbach mountain rescue team covers the entire district of Main-Spessart and beyond. Part of the area of operation lies in the Spessart Nature Park. The landscape enables numerous leisure activities all year round, including cross-country skiing, mountain biking, hiking and others. Forestry and hunting are also very important in this region. The main focus of operations is on rescuing injured people from impassable terrain and dealing with search operations. In addition, the mountain rescue team is committed to protecting nature and the landscape as a habitat for our flora and fauna.

Photo credit: Bergwacht Frammersbach

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