25 Years Wiko

NEW: Repair adhesive WIKO REPAIR 30 - super fast and extremely resistant.

The adhesive has excellent resistance to water, a wide range of acids and alkalis, oil, fuel and solvents. The bondings are also impact-resistant, weather-resistant as well as aging-resistant. The processing time is only approx. 30 seconds and the bonded areas can already be sanded over after 2-5 minutes.

WIKO REPAIR is mainly used in car body and vehicle construction, as the black color enables visually sophisticated bonding in exterior and interior areas and the special formulation ensures easy modeling of the material during the dripping time.

WIKO REPAIR 30 is available in the handy sizes of 25 ml syringe as well as 50 ml double cartridge.


  • Fast, structural and cosmetic repairs of a wide variety of plastics (e.g. bumpers) and other materials.
  • Can be easily reworked (drilled, sanded, cut) and painted over
  • Extreme resistance to weathering and aging
  • Large gap filling capacity of 30 mm
  • Color: Black

Part numbers:

  • 25 ml twin syringe REP30.S25
  • 50 ml twin cartridge REP30.K50

Your GLUETEC customer advisor will be happy to answer any further questions and to take your order: info.de@gluetec-group.com, Tel. +49 9369 9836-0.

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