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As we are internationally active in selling our adhesive products across Europe, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia the GLUETEC GROUP was previously represented by the company G-FIX průmyslová lepidla a aerosoly s.r.o. which is unfortunately in liquidation since 01.08.2021. We thank G-FIX CEO Mr. Miroslav Prochazka for 13 years of good cooperation.

To ensure that you can continue to purchase all adhesives, sealants and aerosols from our product range, we are entering into a sales cooperation with the company Sourcing Point Technology s.r.o. (SPT) with which we have successfully cooperated in the past in bonding projects and trade fairs. With immediate effect SPT will take over the customer support and consulting tasks for the sales area CZ and SK of the GLUETEC GROUP. The delivery of the products as well as the accounting will be managed directly by our production site WIKO Klebetechnik in Częstochowa Poland.

High technical understanding and excellent education of adhesive engineers and adhesive specialists characterize the SPT team around the owner Tomas Halamik. We are very pleased that we can introduce you to Mr. Leoš Kosina as new GLUETEC Sales Manager for your technical support in adhesive projects in CZ and SK. As a trained mechanical engineer and adhesives engineer he will take care of your requirements and adhesive questions.

Contact Leoš Kosina EAE:
Sales Manager
DVS/EWF European Adhesive Engineer
Mobile: +420 725 433318
Email: l.kosina@gluetec-group.com

We are looking forward to a good and trustful cooperation with SPT s.r.o..

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