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We expand our portfolio in the category of polyurethane adhesives and present the novelty WIKO TIMBER FIX ECO 180. The 2-component adhesive has been specially developed for immediate and ultra-strong fixing of wooden workpieces.

The main advantage of the product lies in its excellent curing properties. Thus, the fixing time could be kept to a minimum, in addition, the time window from fixing to curing was optimally chosen. Joints can be loaded after just one hour and are fully cured after 180 minutes. Clamping is only required for a short time or not at all. Due to its good stability and fast application, the product is also ideally suited for vertical repairs. WIKO TIMBER FIX ECO 180 enables fast and efficient working - the perfect solution for the woodworking industry as well as carpenters and joiners.

Despite the short curing time, the user does not have to sacrifice excellent performance with WIKO TIMBER FIX ECO 180. Tests in the GLUETEC laboratory (on standard DIN1465 test specimens) have proven that wood bonding produced by WIKO TIMBER FIX ECO 180 is insoluble. When stronger forces are applied, the wooden workpiece breaks rather than the bonding itself.

WIKO TIMBER FIX ECO 180 is frost and weather resistant as well as waterproof, therefore it is particularly suitable for wooden terrace construction even close to pools. In addition, the wood adhesive bridges gaps and can be sanded and painted over after curing - an all-rounder for indoor and outdoor use.

The low-odor formulation of WIKO TIMBER FIX ECO is particularly user-friendly. Unlike conventional PU adhesives, this wood adhesive from the GLUETEC GREEN LINE contains no carcinogenic ingredients.

WIKO TIMBER FIX ECO 180 is now available exclusively for commercial users in twin syringes (25 ml) or a practical double cartridge (50 ml).  This allows the components to be dosed, mixed and applied cleanly and precisely in just one work step.


The product advantages at a glance:

  • High reactivity: Fast assembly strength with high adhesive forces.
  • Broad gap filling capacity
  • Excellent curing properties
  • Optimized time window between fixing time and assembly strength
  • When curing: no damage to the workpieces to be bonded, no volume shrinkage
  • Easy and quick to rework: sandable & recoatable
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use 
  • Moisture resistant, frost-proof, weather and aging resistant
  • High chemical resistance




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