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WIKO Klebetechnik behind the scenes: Bartlomiej Lipka

January 2024

Our employees give their best every day for maximum quality and fast availability of our products. Get to know the people behind the brands WIKO and WELDYX now!

In the following interview, we introduce you to an inspiring personality who gives us an insight into our modern adhesive production at WIKO Klebetechnik.
Get to know Bartlomiej Lipka!


Tell us about yourself, your work experience and your current role in the company.

My name is Bartłomiej Lipka, and I have been responsible for the area of production, process engineering, maintenance and facility maintenance at Wiko Klebetechnik for more than two years. I started my career in 2006, focusing for the next 11 years on the implementation of lean manufacturing in the heavy, rail and automotive industries. I spent the next four years working in the areas of process engineering, product development and facility management.

What prompted you to join this company? What attracted you to this position?

Moving to the position of head of manufacturing was a natural step in my career path and area of interest. Additionally, working in large corporations has shown me that creating and adding value to the customer is not always a priority and this goes against the Lean Manufacturing philosophy. Working in a company that is close to the customer allows you to verify the quality of your work very quickly and this is incredibly empowering, but also comes with a very high level of responsibility to the customer as well as to the company.

What are your main responsibilities in this position? Can you share an example of a project you have worked on recently?

My main responsibilities include ensuring the continuity of production by developing the competence of the production team, improving the technological process, ensuring the efficiency of machinery and taking care of the facility's infrastructure. Currently, we are focusing on two major projects - the first, we plan to invest in expanding our company and increasing production capacity by eliminating waste in the production process.

How would you rate the organizational culture at the company? Are you satisfied with the atmosphere and cooperation within the team?

It is an extraordinary experience to work with people who want to grow, do not shy away from challenges or difficult decisions, and mutually motivate each other at every level of the organization. As for the organizational culture - our company is at a stage of rapid development and this always involves some difficulties. We will definitely devote this year to improving our organizational culture, but with such a team I am confident that we will succeed!

What are your prospects and plans for the future? Do you have any professional goals you would like to share?

In the coming period, we will focus on a project to increase production capacity through the purchase and implementation of a new automatic bottling and packaging line, and the expansion of our factory in Czestochowa.

What skills do you consider key in your position?

The most essential skill is the ability to work effectively with people, which requires maintaining a healthy distance, the ability to listen actively and make substantive decisions. Confidence in your team's skills and creating a good atmosphere are key. Of course, technical skills also make day-to-day work significantly easier.

Do you have any advice for people who would like to work in the industry you specialize in?

Constantly develop your skills, step by step every day. This is a key element for success in this industry!


Thank you for this interview, Bart!

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