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WIKO Klebetechnik behind the scenes: Orestes Stachowiak

March 2024

Our employees give their best every day for maximum quality and fast availability of our products. Get to know the people behind the brands WIKO and WELDYX now!

In the following interview, we introduce you to an inspiring personality who gives us an insight into our modern adhesive production at WIKO Klebetechnik and what he likes most about working at WIKO.
"We have a very cool, harmonious team." Get to know our Logistics Manager Orestes Stachowiak!

What do you do at Wiko Klebetechnik? Why did you choose this company?
At Wiko Klebetechnik I am the logistics manager. It is a combination of a family company and a corporate culture, in the healthy sense of the word. My more than 20 years of experience gained in corporations allows me to bring valuable insights to the growing areas of the company.

The first thought that comes to your mind when you think of Wiko?
Willi Kopp.

Would you like to expand on that thought?
The name WIKO comes from the first two letters of the founder's first and last name, which is Wilhelm Kopp. He founded the small company more than 25 years ago and has consistently pursued his goals. As a result, the company is a significant player in the international arena.

What does your typical work day look like?
I always try to be on time during standard working hours. I start it by meeting with my team and setting the day's agenda and priorities. Then we move on to a meeting of department heads, i.e. plan board meeting, and then an inch of meetings resulting from the calendar and so on throughout the week....

What do you like most about your team?
We have a very cool, harmonious team. The most important thing is that we understand not only our own internal needs, but also those of the whole company. The team is motivated, eager to learn, especially now that we have implemented our new ERP system.

What inspires you most in your daily work?
People, and I am most satisfied if they can understand the point - why we are here. That, in fact, the company is a system of communicating vessels, and everyone has to make their own contribution so that we can achieve ultimate success, i.e. continuous development and, of course, profit. If this is what people understand then I am satisfied. This inspires and motivates me.

3 words that describe your career are…
Automotive, logistics, ERP.

Biggest/most interesting challenges?
I will be consistent. The biggest challenge is to convince people that they are an important link - because a company consists of a system of interrelated processes. Departments must not fight with each other but must cooperate. People must be made to understand each other for the common good.

Thank you for your personal insights, Orestes!

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