EPOXY IMPERFECTION COUNTER replaces tin or tin-solder

Imperfection Counter

With the EPOXY IMPERFECTION COUNTER GLUETEC is expanding its product portfolio and thus developed a solvent-free, epoxy resin-based, 2-component system which is ideal for the finishing of imperfections and damages on metallic surfaces. This broad application spectrum is the result of the good mechanical properties, the impeccable processing possibilities after curing as well as the corresponding chemical stability/compatibility. This is complemented by the equivalent coloring as well as the option of curing at room temperature or accelerated curing due to adding temperature.

The advantages of the product are obvious. Firstly, the EPOXY IMPERFECTION COUNTER can be used as a tin-solder replacement, so that a tin spatula becomes no longer necessary, since the product can be modelled and smoothed out with a device of your choice. Secondly, the possibility to re-varnish was tested with a large number of varnish-systems.

Other advantages are:
• simple and clean handling due to the appropriate 2:1 coaxial cartridge, which can be handled by means of a usual 1-C-310ml dispensing gun
• partially usable as a putty alternative due to the maximum layer thickness
• under specific conditions usable in combination with fiber reinforced composite
• due to the product parameters, contrary to the above mentioned, there are other alternative application areas like accident repair, restoration, quick repair, sheet metal work and engineering.

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Imperfection Counter