Innovation strategies of the future

GLUETEC GROUP as the topic of the project "Innovation in medium-sized businesses" by the students of the FH-WS

The students in the master's course "Innovation in Medium-Sized Businesses (i2m)" at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt analyzed four companies in the Würzburg region and developed a suitable innovation strategy in the course of the lecture Strategy Development with Prof. Hube. At the end of the project work, concrete recommendations for action were made on how to deal with the innovation potential in the company. The student teams presented their results at the associated final event "Strategy development for medium-sized businesses" in the Vogel Communication Group's start-up workspace on Monday 27th January 2020.

GLUETEC was happy to make itself available to the students so that they could apply its course contents with full practical relevance in a real company. A trend based innovation strategy was developed for the GLUETEC GROUP. In summary, the aim is to show the company possible innovation potentials or to give thought-provoking impulses for further innovations and developments. The students came to the conclusion that GLUETEC is already very innovative and understands innovation as sustainable growth. Proven innovative power and intelligent solutions for current and future challenges of the customers are the focus of attention. The following business areas were especially highlighted:

• User and environmentally friendly product line GLUETEC "Green Line
• Opening of a development laboratory
• Patent application of a user-friendly polyurethane adhesive

GLUETEC sees this as a confirmation of the adopted strategy and is grateful for the new and creative thoughts from the students. Christine Kopp (CEO GLUETEC GROUP) was personally present at the final presentation and was very impressed by the results: "I found it totally interesting and exciting how you assess us as a company and I was able to gain new ideas for our future.” GLUETEC thanks Eva Brendler, Marleen von dem Bussche Hünnefeld, Jana Kiesekamp and Alexander Hansen for their professional innovation concept and wishes them all the best for their personal future strategy. The GLUETEC GROUP will be happy to continue to be available for further student projects in the future as a practical partner from the business world.

GLUETEC GROUP as the topic of the project "Innovation in medium-sized businesses" by the students of the FH-WS