WIKO METAL MASTER liquid metal

WIKO METAL MASTER – Bonding instead of welding.
Master quality for optimal repair results.

The newest adhesive from the house of GLUETEC is a highly viscous, two-component epoxy resin adhesive with a particularly high metal content of 70%. It offers multiple application possibilities for the maintenance of metal parts: sealing and filling of leaks, repair damaged surfaces, cracks and other wear damages.

Due to its pasty structure, the new WIKO METAL MASTER is extremely run-resistant and gap-filling. Even the treatment of damaged parts in the vertical is possible without any problems. In comparison to other liquid metals, the WIKO METAL MASTER scores with a high metal content, low shrinkage and the possibility to be applied thickly. In this way, high quality durable repairs are possible in master quality without any welding.

The short processing time of 6 minutes is particularly suitable for quick and uncomplicated repairs of metal parts as well as for the manufacturing of prototypes and fillings of forms. Due to the high metal content, the product has metal-like characteristics and can be worked in a variety of ways after curing: grinding, drilling, cut threads, varnishing etc. – no problem with the WIKO METAL MASTER.

Additionally, it distinguishes itself through a high user friendliness and the renunciation of solvents. In contrast to other liquid metals, which are supplied in two separate tubes and their content has to be squeezed out individually and mixed, the WIKO METAL MASTER scores with its innovative packaging in the 2-chamber twin syringe.
Thereby, the metal can be dosed in the suitable mixing ratio without effort, cleanly and without scales. Furthermore, the complete fill quantity is used as the syringe can be emptied completely. The supplied wooden spatulas are particularly useful for mixing, smoothing and applying the metal mass professionally.

Application areas: repairs, maintenance and servicing
• aluminium, steel, brass, painted and galvanized metals
• smoothing, joining, filling, sealing
• repair damaged surfaces
• cavities, shrinkage holes
• broken spots in cast metal
• cracks, leaks and other wear damages
• vehicle and machine repairs
• running-in damages of engine blocks, hydraulic cylinders or crankcases
• manufacturing of forms, prototypes, supports

Advantages: Bonding instead of welding.
• permanent, optimal results
• high degree of hardness because of 70 % metal content
• run-resistant and unlimited gap-filling capability
• low shrinkage
• quick cure time
• short processing time of approx. 6 minutes
• resistant to impact and high tensile strength
• multiple possibilities of reworking : can be modelled, varnished, grindable, drillable
• without any solvents
• resistance to atmospheric exposures and ageing
• temperature resistance up to +120°C
• easy and fast application due to innovative packaging 25ml twin syringe:
o very easy to apply
o uniform dosage of the two components
o complete emptying
o blister packaging with two wooden spatulas
o childproof certified in accordance with ISO 8317

Characteristics (in liquid state): Highly viscous two-component epoxy resin adhesive
• two-component epoxy resin, highly viscous
• mixing ratio: 1:1
• colour (mixed): grey
• consistency: thixotropic paste
• processing time: approx. 5 - 6 minutes
• first curing: 6 – 8 min
• complete curing: 4 - 24 hours
• specific weight: 2,7 g/ml
• temperature resistance: -60°C up to +120 °C

WIKO METAL MASTER liquid metal

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