Innovation: WIKO POWER CRAFT 30 - Maximum power and fast production for big components

Power Craft 30

WIKO POWER CRAFT 30 - Maximum power and fast production for big components

WIKO POWER CRAFT 30 is a structural high-end adhesive that was created especially for the large scale bonding of big components in the production and suits perfectly to the GFRP industry (glass fibre reinforce plastic), vehicle manufacturing, façade and boat building.

The POWER CRAFT 30 fits for a wide range of substrates and can create extremely strong bondings without mechanical pressing. Due to high impact strength and hardness it is very tough to external influences.
Exothermic reaction and gelling time were created for big components to be pasted smoothly. Due to the high viscosity draining on vertical surfaces is prevented and gap filling from 1-20 mm is no problem. Even with low temperature, WIKO POWER CRAFT 30 keeps its constant viscosity and can be used the whole year round.

Get to know more about the WIKO POWER CRAFT 30:

• 2C polyester resin adhesive
• Mixing ratio 10:1
• Colour: white
• Open time: ca. 30 minutes (23°C, 50% RH)
• Full hardening: complete after ca. 24 hours
• Optimal storage temperature 18°C – 25°C
• No storage over 25°C or freezing
• Durability with optimal storage temperature: 6 month

Application range:
• GFRP (glass fibre reinforce plastic)
• Boat building, e.g. decks and hulks of ships
• Caravan building
• Vehicle parts, e.g. cowls and car wings
• Laminate
• Facades

• Large scale bonding of big components
• Bonds a wide range of substrates
• Extremely strong bondings without mechanical pressing
• High impact strength and hardness
• Very tough to external influences
• High elongation, power rating and impact strength
• Without dimple
• Less exothermic reaction and matched gel time
• High viscosity
• Perfect gap filling from 1-20 mm
• Great flexibility and enormous cost and time saving
• High adhesive force despite minimal surface preparation
• Simple handling and easy application
• Less inherent olfaction than competitive products
• Constant viscosity: can be used the whole year round with the same quality
• Improved adhesive performances and fast production rates

Power Craft 30

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