Lightweight pouch packaging as a future trend GLUETEC invests in innovative packaging solutions

Lightweight pouch packaging as a future trend
GLUETEC invests in innovative packaging solutions

The stand-up pouch or SUP is becoming increasingly popular with many consumers, producers and traders. Since last year, the GLUETEC GROUP has entered the pouch packaging business with two major projects.
Project 1: 4-edge seal pouch packaging for adhesive syringe, leading private-label customer of the sanitary industry: 2 layers (PET / BOPE biaxially oriented polyester film)
Project 2: Shampoo in a stand-up pouch with resealable outlet, Trinity Haircare: 3 layers (paper / PET / PE)

But how does GLUETEC actually come to stand-up pouches? GLUETEC has always been differentiated by innovative packaging solutions with improved handling, fast implementation of trends and maximum individuality. For the future, GLUETEC is expanding its portfolio with solutions for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG = daily necessities such as detergents and personal care products). So far, products have been offered in bottles, cartridges, syringes, cans and cartons with roll labels in digital printing. The portfolio is now being expanded to include the trend packaging 4-edge seal pouches and stand-up pouches, which should offer the following advantages:

• Recyclable
• Lower weight of the packaging
• Lower transport costs
• Improved stock keeping
• Longer shelf life
• Differentiation in the shelf / at the POS
• Lower production costs (60 pcs / 1 min)
• Easy to use
• Individual digital printing directly on the pouch

GLUETEC currently supplies the Swiss label Trinity haircare with 300,000 pieces of shampoo in a stand-up pouch with 25 ml content. The intention of Trinity was to find a more valuable and ecological alternative to the single-use shampoo samples in sachets. The innovative packaging in the stand-up pouch is lightweight, inexpensive, resealable and scores with ease of use for the end user.

Dr. Marco Holst (CEO GLUETEC GROUP) spoke on the Trinity project and the future of SUP on 11th September 2018 at this year's European Standing Bag Conference in Berlin in front of participants from the food, packaging, raw materials and waste disposal industries. The meeting of the "Who's Who" of the industry was extremely successful and scored not only current topics but also intensive networking in the pleasant ambience of the Steigenberger Hotel at the Kanzleramt.

With regard to the new European packaging law, there is also the question of optimal recyclability in the room. From 1st January 2019, new minimum standards and a specified assessment of recyclability will apply throughout Europe. If a packaging is classified as "not recyclable at all" according to the criteria, the distributor is threatened with a ban on the sale of this product packaged in this way. In addition, the EU will decide on a "single-use-plastics" ban in the European Parliament in March 2019. Therefore, Trinity plans a closed recycling loop of pouches for sale and take-back in the hairdressing salon.

For the technical future of stand-up pouches, there are now 2 options:
1. Barrier pouch paper / BOPE:
Eco-optic, high proportion of biomass, but not recyclable, due to mixing of paper and plastic.
2. Barrier pouch HTPE / BOPE:
High gloss optic, reasonably priced, less weight, lower aluminum content, RECYCLABLE because of 100% plastic.

In future, GLUETEC intends to open up new application areas for pouch packaging and to offer more products in bags under Private Label. "Implementing recyclable and lightweight solutions is an essential step in achieving the goal of a more sustainable packaging landscape. Even conservative industries will not be able to escape this innovative packaging in future." Marco Holst, CEO GLUETEC GROUP.