Market novelty: BLOCK BOND ECO® Hoof Adhesive


New ECO-Polyurethane Adhesive from GLUETEC

GLUETEC GROUP applies for a patent for a toxicologically harmless polyurethane formulation
In addition to the established business models, GLUETEC has specialized in the development, production and sale of toxicologically safe polyurethane chemistry, which is not yet available on the market.

The two-component polyurethane adhesive BLOCK BOND ECO® is specially developed for hoof care as well as safe and fast bonding of wooden blocks with cattle hooves. The main advantage is the high strength and the fast application. The patent pending BLOCK BOND ECO® recipe completely dispenses carcinogenic ingredients. The complete omission of the label H351 “Suspected of causing cancer” is a breakthrough for the user and the cow! Thus, BLOCK BOND ECO® is one of the most user-friendly and cow-friendly hoof adhesive on the market.

BLOCK BOND ECO® ensures that the block sticks to the hoof permanently – so the hoof has enough time to heal completely. Of particular note in the new adhesive technology is the increased performance in the hoof care, the easy and quick application as well as the optimal healing support for the cow.

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BLOCK BOND ECO® Hoof Adhesive