The new 100 ml automatic cartridge


Small, handy, modern - The new 100 ml automatic cartridge Linroc II

Easy application and optimum adhesive results - these are the central criteria when selecting the right cartridge. In response to many customer requests, we have now added the smaller 100 ml version of LINDAL's innovative ROCKET dosing system to our range in addition to the 200 ml automatic cartridge. The automatic dosing system is particularly suitable for the simple application of pasty, sticky and difficult to handle materials and works with compressed air for application.

Is the new cartridge suitable for your users? These are the advantages of the new 100 ml automatic cartridge:

  • 2 in 1 dispensing system: You do not need a dispensing gun
  • No unnecessary waste: Particularly suitable for small jobs with low material requirements
  • Easy handling: Work with only one hand, vertically, horizontally and overhead
  • Clean work: Prevents dripping and reduces contamination
  • No drying out: The cartridge can be resealed after opening
  • Environmentally friendly blowing agent: Compressed air
  • Suitable for both professional and private users

GLUETEC has succeeded in implementing its own, exclusive filling in the WIKO POLEN production plant using compressed air (instead of butane gas filling). During the extensive audit by the manufacturer LINDAL, top marks were achieved. Filling was thus officially accepted and certified.

GLUETEC customers can order WIKO MS polymers “Bonding and Sealing” and WIKO silicones also in the 100 ml automatic cartridge. Of course, this cartridge is also available for private label products. The GLUETEC production is able to fill and label your products promptly and precisely.

WIKO HT Silikon No Meko Linroc II