The latest generation of user-friendly silicone sealants

For us, the optimum result of your adhesive applications is always the focus of our actions. When expanding our product range, it is important to us to optimize products and to manage them in a resource-saving manner. GLUETEC will therefore supplement or replace as many products as possible with more sustainable alternatives. These GREEN LINE products not only protect the environment and the health of users, but also significantly reduce costs for occupational safety measures and disposal.

Today we can inform you that the recipe for WIKO HT SILICONES has been changed. The previous product recipe (LOW MEKO) is removed from the range. Remaining stocks are currently still being sold off. In addition, all silicones will also be available in the 100 ml automatic cartridge.

WIKO HT SILICONE NO MEKO is a user-friendly sealant based on silicone without acetate. Extensive tests in the GLUETEC laboratory for high-temperature resistance and swelling behavior in various engine oils prove the highest quality level. In addition, GLUETEC has succeeded in implementing its own exclusive filling process at the WIKO POLAND production plant using compressed air (instead of butane gas). WIKO achieved top marks in the extensive audit by the manufacturer of LINDAL automatic cartridges. Filling was thus officially accepted and certified.

The neutrally cross-linking silicone is ideal for professional applications in production, construction and maintenance. In particular, the new silicones are characterized by high temperature, impact and vibration resistance as well as outstanding gap filling capability.

- No MEKO - free from butanon-2-oxime
- Particularly user-friendly: no labelling of hazardous substances, low odour and significantly less harmful to health
- High temperature resistant
- Non-corrosive, weather/UV and aging resistant
- Above-average cross-linking speed, skin formation and tack-free
- Resistance to most chemical requirements of the automotive industry; such as various engine and gear oils, as well as cold and antifreeze agents
- Available in the colours black, red, grey & transparent (the colours blue and white will follow shortly)
- Container: 80 ml small cartridge, 100 ml automatic cartridge, 200 ml automatic cartridge and 310 ml cartridge

- Highest quality
- No negative effects on electrical/electronic components
- Good adhesion also on metals; copper compatible
- Less swelling than standard silicones
- Neutral cross-linking: no corrosion of metallic surfaces, therefore suitable for use on acid-sensitive substrates
- Optimum compensation of stresses between the parts to be joined which occur due to changing thermal stress and different coefficients of expansion
- Permanently temperature-resistant: minimal change in mechanical properties in long-term test; minimal weight loss

Despite the numerous product advantages of the new WIKO HT SILICONE NO MEKO, we can guarantee you our usual favorable pricing. Test the new silicones and convince yourself of their high quality! The respective product samples will be available for you from the end of October - our customer advisors will be happy to answer any further questions you may have by calling +49 9369 9836-0.