WIKO BLOCK BOND – hoof adhesive for cattle

WIKO BLOCK BOND – hoof adhesive for cattle

The company Gluetec Industrieklebstoffe GmbH & Co. KG expands its product portfolio by introducing the new hoof adhesive “WIKO BLOCK BOND”.

The 2-component adhesive was especially developed for the bonding of synthetic and wooden logs to cattle claws.

Due to the increasing economical intertwining within the agricultural industry worldwide, the pressure to perform rises greatly for individual businesses – as a result, each performance parameter of a company needs constant surveillance and improvement.

In order to improve the healing process we included WIKO BLOCK BOND into our portfolio, which was developed for professional hoof care. Its properties as well as benefits spare the livestock suffering and reduce costs within your company.

Please see our extended WIKO BLOCK BOND Flyer for more helpful information concerning the adhering and removal of the logs as well as general information.

WIKO BLOCK BOND – hoof adhesive for cattle

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