WIKO GREEN LINE on the advance - New environmentally and user-friendly products available

News from the product management: Our WIKO GREEN LINE product line has been extended by 6 new adhesives from 2 to a total of 8 anaerobic adhesives without hazard labelling!

GREEN LINE was already introduced in 2018 with the first anaerobic adhesive without hazard labeling. GLUETEC has thus set completely new standards. But this was only the beginning of the success story of our environmentally and user-friendly adhesive line, which now consists of 8 different products. Even more GREEN LINE products are already in development.

Our GREEN LINE products not only protect the environment and the health of the users, but also significantly reduce costs for occupational safety measures and disposal. In comparison to conventional adhesives, these products are completely safe, do not require labelling and do not irritate the skin. Furthermore, GREEN LINE products are more temperature resistant (+ 180 °C) and odourless. At the same time, the adhesive performance remains as good as with conventional anaerobic adhesives. The green label helps you to easily identify our sustainable alternatives.

Great PLUS for all traders: All GREEN LINE products have an improved shelf life of 24 months!

The following products are now also available as GREEN LINE adhesives:
• Screw lock 02K70UF high strength for fastening and sealing metal materials
• Surface seal 05K73UF low strength for sealing metal threaded parts and smooth pair formations
• Surface seal 05K74UF medium strength for sealing metal threaded parts and smooth pair formations
• Surface gasket 05K18 UF medium and heat resistant for sealing dimensionally stable flange connections
• Joining connection 06K48UF high-strength for fastening screws in delivery condition without cleaning
• Pipe thread gasket 05K72UF, low strength for sealing against water, compressed air, petrol, GPL and chemical products

Even more GREEN LINE products are already in planning and available on request!

Always adjusted to your requirements in industry, trade and handcraft, we would be pleased to advise you in detail about our new WIKO GREEN LINE products.
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Good to know: Our environmental management is certified according to DIN ISO 14001; this includes the continuous saving of water, waste, energy and material usage as well as the reduction of CO2. As an innovative and future-oriented adhesives supplier, the protection of our users and the preservation of our environment is very important to us.

New GREEN LINE products