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We offer you a new, improved syringe system for two-component adhesives from GLUETEC!

Our specially developed empty containers 2GLUE25 twin syringe and 2GLUE50 twin cartridge combine numerous advantages - from the practical container sizes, the safe piston retention for clean handling when dispensing the filling material, to the integrated holder for the GLUEMIX mixer to be able to process the product without a long search for the product accessories. 


The optimized GLUETEC 2GLUE25 twin syringe is now available for purchase.

In a large number of adhesive applications, container sizes with a minimum volume of 50 ml have become established, which in many cases, however, exceeds the actual needs of the end user's small application. Thus, the economical intermediate sizes of 25 ml and 12.5 ml total volume prevent overbuying and subsequent spoilage of the filling material in the resealed container. In addition, the bayonet closure guarantees fast opening/reclosing and rapid attachment/replacement of mixing spouts, as no safety elements have to be removed. The bayonet system is compatible with the low-cost, low-loss and optimally adapted GLUEMIX mixing spout, but also fits a variety of other GLUETEC bayonet mixing spouts. Thanks to our many years of experience in handling two-component adhesives in a wide range of containers made of various materials, we know that the materials PP and PBT represent an optimum packaging solution for the twin syringe. Accidental opening of the back of the container or self-opening due to possible expansion of the filling material is prevented or made much more difficult by a plunger retainer located in the syringe body. This makes handling even safer for the end user. By optimizing the venting channels in the rear of the container, the amount of air that is inevitably contained has also been reduced as far as possible. This ensures uniform and clean handling for the user when applying the adhesive. Due to the one-sided V-shaped recess with corresponding counterpart, the cap can only be reapplied in the position in which it was removed. This prevents reciprocal contamination of the two component chambers when the package is reclosed. The special design of the recess also prevents accidental opening (e.g. by children). To make it easier to squeeze out the twin syringe, the contact surfaces on the syringe and plunger have been enlarged. A GLUEMIX mixer can be attached to the syringe in a specially adapted recess for optimum presentation of the overall system.

The twin syringe is available in the following versions:

Item-No.        ZW25_2GLUE_1:1_PP_transparent





Convince yourself also of our smart double cartridge - 2GLUE50 in the container size 50 ml.

• Practical container size of 50 ml
• Bayonet cap
• Innovative closure pin
• Packaging materials: PP and PBT 
• Maximum safety thanks to integrated plunger retention
• Compatible with standard dispensing guns 
• Compatible with mixing nozzles from other manufacturers and the optimized, particularly low-loss GLUEMIX mixing nozzle


The double cartridge is available in the following versions:

Art.-Nr.            DK502GLUE50_1:1_PBT_w



Interest sparked? We will gladly send you a product sample without obligation. Simply contact our customer service: info.de@gluetec-group.com, Tel. +49 9369 9836-0. Would you like to save the information? Download the product flyer here:

Download 2GLUE25 Twin syringe Flyer

Download 2GLUE50 Double cartridge Flyer

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