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Find out more about the most important terms. 

To explain all the terms relating to our products and services as simply as possible, we have compiled a lexicon for you. Terms from our in-house adhesive development, our container solutions, contract filling and our private label service are listed here. Simply click on the first letter of the term that interests you in the bar at the top and read exciting facts and information worth knowing about it.

You can't find an entry for the term you are looking for? No problem - simply log on to info.en@gluetec-group.com and suggest the term to us. Our expert staff will be happy to expand our WIKO-WIKI.

The last entries

adhesive surface

The adhesive surface is the surface of a material that is coated with an adhesive to bond it to another surface.

Mixer, static

A static mixer is a spout for mixing fluids without moving elements.

The most read articles


Cyanoacrylate are fast-drying adhesives that solidify by reacting monomers to form a polymer. They are often referred to as "instant adhesives". 


An aerosol is a dispersion of fine particles in a gas. It is often used in the form of a spray to distribute liquid or paste-like materials such as varnishes, or adhesives.
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