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Find out more about the most important terms. 

To explain all the terms relating to our products and services as simply as possible, we have compiled a lexicon for you. Terms from our in-house adhesive development, our container solutions, contract filling and our private label service are listed here. Simply click on the first letter of the term that interests you in the bar at the top and read exciting facts and information worth knowing about it.

You can't find an entry for the term you are looking for? No problem - simply log on to info.en@gluetec-group.com and suggest the term to us. Our expert staff will be happy to expand our WIKO wiki.

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2-C adhesives are high performance adhesives that consist of two components and must be mixed before use. This type of adhesive is particularly suitable for applications where a very strong bond...

Tensile Elongation

Tensile elongation is a measure of the relative change in length of a material under tension. It indicates how much the material stretches when subjected to a tensile force.

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Flash off

Flash-off refers to the process of removing excess adhesive from the joint. This achieves an even and strong bond without creating air bubbles or uneven spots.

Curing time

Curing time refers to the time required for a material to reach a certain strength and hardness after a chemical or thermal treatment.   This time can vary depending on the material,...
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