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An accelerator is a substance that increases the reaction rate of chemical processes. 


The activator is the hardening component in MMA adhesives and allows it to harden on contact. Activators can also be used with one-component adhesives.

Active materials

Active materials are materials that are able to perform specific functions due to their chemical or biological properties.

Active surface

The active surface is the partial surface of a substance or a substance that is involved in reactions. 


Adhere refers to the joining of two materials using adhesives, which create an adhesive connection between the surfaces. 


Adhesion refers to the ability of an adhesive to bond two materials together and create a strong bond.

Adhesion promoter

An adhesion promoter is a chemical substance used to improve adhesion between two different materials. It is used to create a solid connection between materials. 

Adhesive forces

Adhesive force is the force that acts between two materials to join them together. It determines how well an adhesive can bond two materials together.

Adhesive fracture

Adhesive fracture is a type of adhesive failure where the adhesive detaches from one of the bonded surfaces due to faulty surface treatment or wrong choice of adhesive.

adhesive gap

A adhesive gap is the distance between the surfaces to be bonded in an adhesive joint. It influences the thickness of the adhesive layer and affects the strength and quality of the...

adhesive layer

The adhesive layer is the layer of adhesive that is applied between two surfaces to bond them together. It plays a crucial role in determining the quality and strength of the adhesive bond.

adhesive surface

The adhesive surface is the surface of a material that is coated with an adhesive to bond it to another surface.


Adhesives are substances used to permanently join materials together. They work through a combination of physical and chemical processes that result in the materials being bonded together.


Adsorption is a physical process in which atoms, ions or molecules adhere to the surface of a solid (adsorbent). 


An aerosol is a dispersion of fine particles in a gas. It is often used in the form of a spray to distribute liquid or paste-like materials such as varnishes, or adhesives.


Ageing of adhesives refers to the natural process of changing the chemical and physical properties of an adhesive.

Anaerobic adhesives

Anerobic adhesives are adhesives that cure without oxygen and acquire their solid form through chemical reactions within the adhesive.


In the adhesives industry, the term "application" refers to the process of applying adhesive to a surface.
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