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Impact strength / Impact resistance

Impact strength describes the ability of a material to withstand an impact load without breaking or cracking.


Inhibitors are substances that can reduce or prevent the rate of chemical reactions by inhibiting the activity of catalysts or enzymes. 

Initial adhesion

Initial adhesion refers to the initial adhesive force that an adhesive exerts on the surfaces to be bonded. 

Initial strength

Initial strength refers to the force required for an adhesive to bond to a surface material. This force is also known as bond strength.


A wide variety of interactions occur in adhesive bonding technology. The most important are cohesion, adhesion and ageing.


"Irreversible" means that a change cannot be undone and the original state cannot be restored. It is a property applied in various contexts such as chemistry, physics and medicine.

Isega release

ISEGA is a testing and certification laboratory that independently tests and approves materials and products that come into contact with food.


Isocyanates are a group of chemical compounds that are used in many industrial applications as raw materials for the manufacture of polyurethanes. 
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