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Binders are substances used to hold or join other materials together. 

Biological limit value

The biological limit is a reference value that indicates how much of a certain substance a person can absorb over a certain period of time without adverse effects.

Bond strength

Bond strength is the sum of all the forces that hold a bond together. These are all adhesion and cohesion forces that describe the bonding of all layers that may be present in a component.

Bonding, chemical

A chemical bond is a type of bond in which atoms or molecules are held together by the transfer or sharing of electrons.

Breakage of the adherend

The breakage of the adherend is a type of fracture that occurs entirely outside the adhesive layer. The strength of the adhesive is greater than the inherent strength of the parts to be joined.

breakaway torque

Breakaway torque refers to the force required to move or rotate an object from its rest position.
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