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Fibre-reinforced plastic

A fibre composite plastic is a combination of fibrous components embedded in a plastic matrix. This creates a new material.


Is a powdered additive that is used to adapt adhesive properties to the intended use and/or to reduce the consumption of raw materials.

final strength

In adhesive technology, the final strength describes the time when the maximum strength of the respective adhesive system is reached.


Fixing describes the act of fastening or anchoring an object in a place or position in order to hold it securely and prevent it from moving or changing. 

fixing time

In adhesive technology, the fixing time describes the time that an adhesive needs to fix 2 workpieces until a first small load is possible.

Flash off

Flash-off refers to the process of removing excess air or other gases from an adhesive bond to achieve optimum adhesion.


The Flash-off-time refers to the period of time that elapses before an adhesive loses its flowability and begins to retain its shape and strength. 

Flexural strength

Flexural strength describes the maximum load-bearing capacity of a component when bent. It is determined by the ability of a material to withstand a certain force. 

Fracture pattern

A fracture pattern describes the appearance of a fracture after the bond has been destroyed. Tests are carried out to determine how high the bond strength of the adhesive is.


A material is said to be fusible when it goes into the liquid state at a certain temperature. 
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