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Lamination refers to the process of joining multiple layers of a material together by gluing or pressing. 

light curing

Light curing is a process in which a special plastic or adhesive is cured by irradiating it with light. 

light-bodied components

Lightly liquid components are substances that are liquid at room temperature and have a low viscosity. They have a low density and vaporize at low temperatures.

Line loading

Line loading refers to a force acting in only one line of the bonded joint.

long-term durability

Long-term durability refers to the ability of a material or system to maintain its function or properties over a period of time. without showing significant deterioration. 

loosening torque

Loosening torque is the torque required to loosen a bolt or nut after it has been tightened. It can be measured by applying torque in the opposite direction to tightening the screw.

Low heat

"Low heat" refers to a material having low thermal conductivity or poor ability to transfer heat. 
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