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hand strength

In adhesive technology, the hand strength describes the time that an adhesive needs to fix two workpieces until a first small load is possible.


A hardener is used in combination with a resin. It triggers a chemical reaction in adhesives, which is known as cross-linking in chemistry and allows the adhesive to harden.

hardening mechanism

The curing mechanism describes the way in which the resin and hardener particles combine chemically to form polymers.


Hardness is the ability of a material to resist penetration by another material. 

Hazard Level 3

Hazard Level 3 denotes a medium level of hazard from a chemical or biological substance that poses a potential risk to health or the environment. 

highly viscous

Highly viscous means that a liquid has a high viscosity or viscosity, i.e. it is viscous and flows only slowly.

hot melt adhesive

Hotmelt adhesiveHotmelt adhesives are thermoplastic adhesives that are melted by heating and applied to the material to be bonded. 

hot melt

Hot melt refers to a thermoplastic adhesive that is applied in a molten state and then hardens on cooling. Also known as hot melt adhesive or hot melt adhesive.
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