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Wykwity (naloty)

W chemii pojęcie to oznacza występowanie białych lub różnokolorowych krystalicznych wykwitów, nalotów lub osadów na powierzchni materiałów.


Elasticity describes the ability of a body to deform after an external force has been applied and then to return to its original shape. 


Elastomers are materials that have high elasticity, similar to rubber. They can deform significantly and then return to their original shape.

Elongation at break

Elongation at break describes the change in the length of a material when it is subjected to a certain force until it breaks.


EMICODE is a classification system for building products that evaluates indoor emissions of harmful substances.

epoxy resin

Epoxy resin is a high strength and heat resistant thermoplastic resin. It is made from an epoxy resin system and a crosslinker and is often used in applications.
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