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Temperature resistance

Temperature resistance refers to a material's ability to maintain its properties and shape under the influence of temperature changes. 

temperature-sanding resistant

A material is resistant to temperature sand if it does not show any significant deformation or abrasion from sand or dust particles at high temperatures. 

Tensile force

Tensile force is the force required to set a body in motion or keep it in motion when it is pulled. 

Tensile shear strength

Tensile shear strength is a more accurate description of how shear strength is tested, it refers to the shear strength under tensile load.

tensile strenght

Tensile strength describes the strength of a single material under tensile load before it breaks.

Tensile test

The tensile test is used to determine the strength properties of solids such as adhesives. This is done according to the standards DIN 53504:2017-03 and ASTM D1002-10(2019).


Thermoplastics are used in adhesive technology in thermoplastic adhesive. This is applied in a molten state and hardens as it cools. Also known as hot melt or hot glue.

thrust strength

Thrust strength  is a material parameter that indicates how resistant a material is to a shear load.


Toxicity refers to the ability of a substance to cause adverse effects on biological systems when inhaled, ingested, or absorbed into the body.
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