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Please follow the instructions and notes in the safety data sheets and technical data sheets.

WELDYX MASTER BLACK is a high-performance methacrylate based adhesive intended for structural,... more

WELDYX MASTER BLACK is a high-performance methacrylate based adhesive intended for structural, semi-flexible and highly resistant bonding of metal, composite and plastic elements. This two-component adhesive, mixed in a 10:1 ratio, is available with processing time of 5,15 and 30 minutes.

Its properties are specifically adapted to the requirements of industrial companies. These properties have been also confirmed by an analysis of the product made by Fraunhofer Institute LBF. WELDYX MASTER 5 BLACK has been positively verified according to the DIN EN 45545-2/ R1 standard and by meeting the fire protection level HAZARD LEVEL HL 3, it is perfectly suited for rail vehicles with a high hazard class. Due to its flexibility, even materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion can be successfully bonded. Compared to other adhesives, WELDYX MASTER BLACK is distinguished by its low shrinkage behaviour.


  • Ideal for vehicle construction, production and repair
  • Suitable for bonding materials with different thermal expansion coefficients
  • Bonding and sealing of interior and exterior vehicle components
  • Outstanding resistance to material fatigue, shock and mechanical factors
  • For applications requiring fire resistance: fire protection approval HAZARD LEVEL HL 3 
  • Processing time 5 minutes
  • Low shrinkage behaviour
  • High gap filling capacity (0.25 to 15 mm)
  • Above-average elongation properties (approx. 100%)
  • High final strength even without pre-treatment
Product features
Type: Adhesive
Configurability: not configurable
Substrates: Wood, Rubber / Elastomers, Metals, Plastics, Stone, Glass, Composite / GFK
Temperature Resistance (°C): Up to 100
Shelf Life: 12 months
Adhesive Gap: Gap-bridging
Consistency: Water resistant, Acid resitant, UV-resistant, Oil resistant, Solvent resistant
Processing Time: Fast (up to 5 min)
Labelling of hazardous substances: Other
Adhesive Surface: Selective, Small, Area
User: Professional Users/Qualified Users
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