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GLUETEC is expanding the SUPER GLUE product portfolio with a further class of instant adhesives. The products of the SUPER GLUE LONG LIFE series have an extended shelf life of 24 months and thus offer a useful advantage especially to all retailers. Furthermore, the LONG LIFE products have a higher final strength than universal superglues. With a temperature resistance of up to +100 °C, LONG LIFE superglues are suitable for almost all industrial applications. We also offer the products of the LONG LIFE series as individual private label solutions.

The cyanoacrylates are available in three different viscosity levels and are therefore suitable for a wide range of applications. The product is not only characterised by a higher storage stability, but also by an increased moisture resistance. The user-friendly packaging with our Pin-In Cap also prevents the outlet from drying out. This allows the product to be reused as often as desired. The product is particularly suitable for absorbent materials such as leather, cardboard, cork, wood, foam, plastic, elastomers and metal.


SUPER GLUE 15 LONG LIFE: low viscosity
SUPER GLUE 100 LONG LIFE: medium viscosity
SUPER GLUE 2500 LONG LIFE: high viscosity


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