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Many of our adhesives are marked with the abbreviation UF for User-friendly.

We set ourselves the task of developing adhesives that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. The protection of our users was our top priority.

In 2017, we achieved this with our GLUETEC GREEN LINE. After certification according to DIN ISO 14001, we also developed our own pictogram.

This green pictogram helps you to easily and quickly recognise our sustainable products.

Since then, we have been constantly optimising and expanding our range in order to supplement or replace as many products as possible with more sustainable product solutions.

GREEN LINE products are real alternatives to conventional products and are in no way inferior to them.

They are more environmentally friendly and user-friendly. They continuously save water, waste, energy and material use and are manufactured with reduced CO² emissions. They significantly reduce the costs for occupational health and safety measures and disposal.

Compared to conventional adhesives, these products have the following characteristics:

  • Very good performance with the lowest possible proportion of hazardous substances
  • Many products are completely free of labelling (no labelling of hazardous substances according to the EC-CLP regulation
  • More health protection due to limited hazard potential
  • Particularly user-friendly, non-irritant.
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