25 Jahre WIKO


Please follow the instructions and notes in the safety data sheets and technical data sheets.

WIKO HT SILIKON NO MEKO GREY is a user-friendly sealant based on silicone without acetate.... more

WIKO HT SILIKON NO MEKO GREY is a user-friendly sealant based on silicone without acetate. The neutral-curing silicone is ideal for professional applications in production, construction and maintenance. The product is characterized in particular by high temperature, impact and vibration resistance as well as outstanding gap filling capability.


  • No MEKO - free from butanon-2-oxime
  • Complies with GEV EMICODE® EC1 plus - very low emissions
  • Fungicide equipped
  • Particularly user-friendly: low odour and significantly less harmful to health
  • Non-corrosive, weather/UV and aging resistant
  • Above-average cross-linking speed, skin formation and tack-free
  • Resistance to most chemical requirements of the automotive industry; such as various engine and gear oils, as well as cold and antifreeze agents
Product features
Type: Adhesive, Sealant
Configurability: not configurable
Substrates: Wood, Rubber / Elastomers, Metals, Plastics, Stone, Composite / GFK
Temperature Resistance (°C): Up to 250
Shelf Life: 12 months
Adhesive Gap: Gap-bridging
Consistency: Water resistant, UV-resistant
Processing Time: Medium (5-15 min)
Labelling of hazardous substances: Without
Adhesive Surface: Selective, Area
User: Private Consumers, Professional Users/Qualified Users
Data Sheets
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