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WELDYX® ACRYLATE CLEAR is a 2- component acrylate adhesive with a mixing ratio of 1:1 and... more

WELDYX® ACRYLATE CLEAR is a 2-component acrylate adhesive with a mixing ratio of 1:1 and offers maximum performance for demanding applications. Developed for high-strength and rigid bonds, it excels in particular with transparent and optically demanding bondings. These include plastics such as PMMA (Plexiglas®), metals and composites.

Compared to similar structural adhesives, WELDYX® ACRYLATE CLEAR shines with a reduced odour impact for the user and an optimized open time of 1-2 minutes with a hand strength of 4-5 min. This makes it the ideal choice for bonding and repairing clear plastics in areas such as advertising technology, POS-construction, vehicle construction, assembly and industrial applications.


  • Crystal-clear results for structural, high-strength bonding
  • For transparent, optically sophisticated bonding of plastics, especially PMMA (Plexiglas®), metals and composites
  • Fast working due to 1-2 min open time and hand strength after 4-5 min
  • Zero gap bonding possible
  • Quick and easy application without primer
  • Odor-reduced formula
  • Very good resistance to UV radiation, salt/water and chemicals
  • Thixotropic properties
  • Easy application even on uneven surfaces
  • Excellent media resistance
  • Outstanding resistance to material fatigue, shock and mechanical factors
  • Excellent post-processing properties: sanding, drilling and recoating
Product features
Type: Adhesive
Viscosity: medium viscosity, pasty
Cartridge size: 50 ml, 400 ml
Connection: A-System, F-System
Mixing ratio: 1:1
Colour: transparent
Configurability: not configurable
Substrates: Wood, Rubber / Elastomers, Metals, Plastics, Stone, Glass, Composite / GFK
Temperature Resistance (°C): Up to 120
Shelf Life: 9 months
Adhesive Gap: Gap-bridging
Consistency: Water resistant, Acid resitant, UV-resistant, Oil resistant, Solvent resistant
Processing Time: Fast (up to 5 min)
Labelling of hazardous substances: Other
Adhesive Surface: Resources, Selective, Small, Area
User: Professional Users/Qualified Users
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