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Strength is an important property of materials that describes their ability to withstand stress without breaking or deforming. There are different types of strength, each designed for different loads. For example, tensile strength measures the force a material can withstand when stretched lengthwise, while compressive strength describes a material's ability to resist a compressive force. Impact strength measures how well a material is protected against shock and impact, while flexural strength describes a material's ability to withstand bending.

The strength of a material is influenced by various factors such as chemical composition, microstructure, heat treatment and type of stress. An important aspect in assessing strength is a material's ability to absorb the energy of a load before it breaks.

Overall, strength is an important property for many applications, particularly in construction, manufacturing machinery and equipment, automotive, and aerospace. It is important to select materials with the appropriate strength properties for a specific application to ensure they can withstand the loads required.

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