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November 2023

BLOCK BOND® HOOF ADHESIVE - Good for humans and cattle.

NEW: FAST, FASTER, BLOCK BOND® FAST. The latest generation of the user-friendly 2-component polyurethane adhesive impresses with a very short curing time for maximum efficiency in hoof care.

The care of cattle hooves is an important issue for all cattle farms. Insufficient or uneven hoof wear and overloading of individual hooves cause pain and can reduce the performance of livestock. The consequences are often diseases such as Mortellaro, sole ulcers, sole bleeding, etc. Diseases can only be prevented and the healing process of diseased cattle supported by regular, professional hoof trimming. If the hoof trimming does not sufficiently relieve the diseased hoof, a special wooden hoof block is glued to the cattle hoof. Hoof blocks are the most important tool for achieving fast and effective pain relief on diseased hooves.

This is precisely where the GLUETEC GROUP's patented BLOCK BOND® hoof adhesive sets completely new standards for hoof trimmers. BLOCK BOND® ensures that the block adheres firmly to the hoof - the cow can walk more painlessly and the hoof has enough time to heal. The two-component polyurethane adhesive has been specially developed for hoof care and offers optimum adhesion, even under the difficult conditions that prevail in the barn. It is available in two versions: the standard BLOCK BOND® version with a processing time of 10-20 seconds and now also in the faster BLOCK BOND® FAST version with a processing time of just 6-10 seconds. This achieves secure adhesion and speeds up the hoof care process - for a more pleasant working environment for humans and animals.

Patented formula without potentially carcinogenic ingredients
The main advantage of BLOCK BOND®, developed and patented by the GLUETEC GROUP at its German site, over other hoof adhesives available on the market is that it does not contain any potentially carcinogenic ingredients. This is gentler on the user and the cattle. The complete elimination of the hazard label H351 "Suspected of causing cancer" is a breakthrough for the user and the cow. BLOCK BOND® is one of the most user- and cow-friendly hoof adhesives on the market, making the GLUETEC GROUP a pioneer in the sector of user-friendly hoof adhesives.

No training certificate required for diisocyanates
There is another advantage for the user when using BLOCK BOND® hoof adhesives. Complex training, which has been made mandatory for all users for the safe use of diisocyanates from August 24, 2023, is not necessary for either BLOCK BOND® adhesive. Due to the lower concentration of diisocyanates individually and in combination of less than 0.1% by weight, no additional training needs to be completed for use. Since summer 2023, products from other manufacturers that exceed this limit may only be used industrially or commercially if successful proof of training in the safe use of diisocyanates has been provided.

Application is quick and easy.
The adhesive is applied to a suitable wooden block and then pressed onto the hoof. Thanks to the short processing time, a quick and secure fixation is guaranteed. With BLOCK BOND®, the treatment is completed after a maximum of 4 minutes and the hoof can be loaded again. With the new BLOCK BOND® FAST formulation, treatment is even reduced to a maximum of 90 seconds. Another benefit is the wide temperature range of -10 °C to +30 °C when processing BLOCK BOND®. This means that the adhesive can also be used in winter at low temperatures. With a shelf life of 18 months, BLOCK BOND® clearly sets itself apart from other adhesives available on the market.

High standards in quality and distribution
Under the umbrella of the GLUETEC GROUP, the high-quality adhesive is developed in Germany and manufactured in own production facility in Poland. BLOCK BOND® hoof adhesives are only available from selected central partners and specialist dealers with extensive experience and in-depth specialist knowledge for optimum processing.


The product benefits at a glance

Maximum user and cow friendliness

  • Complete elimination of suspected carcinogenic ingredients
  • Patented, innovative formulation
  • Meets all strict requirements and official restrictions of the REACH regulation
  • Mandatory user training in accordance with EU Regulation 2020/1149 ("isocyanate driver's license") is not required

Extra strong

  • Balanced system: Extremely strong and extremely fast fixing time
  • Resistant to urine and manure
  • Particularly high strength: When stronger forces are applied, the wooden workpiece is more likely to break than the bond itself

Particularly fast

  • One of the fastest hoof adhesives on the market (the adhesive shows initial adhesion after just 1-2 seconds)
  • The processing times of approx. 10-20 (BLOCK BOND®) or 6-10 seconds (BLOCK BOND® FAST) offer optimum time windows to attach the wooden block quickly and securely to the hoof (measured at 23°C / 50% humidity)
  • Maximum efficiency in the hoof care process: treatment is completed after a maximum of 4 minutes (BLOCK BOND®) or optionally just 90 seconds (BLOCK BOND®FAST)

Easy application

  • Stable formulation: optimum application of the adhesive on sloping or vertical surfaces
  • High adhesive strength and viscoelastic consistency
  • High bonding reliability during the curing process
  • Special cartridges and mixers: Complete emptying of the cartridge saves adhesive. Optimum mixing of the two components only at the end of the mixer.

Simple storage conditions

  • Storage at 0 °C to +23 °C
  • High storage stability: can be kept for 18 months

Optimum processing temperature

  • Adapted to demanding working conditions: Processing at -10 °C to +30 °C
  • No summer or winter variant necessary
  • Adhesive unfolds its strength reliably


More information & technical properties: WEBSITE BLOCK BOND® 

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